Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

I couldn’t be prouder of the team of volunteers and supporters who have worked by my side — and often lifted me up during and after the nomination campaign. I am so proud of the strong, ethical campaign we ran, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

Final Results: Of 717 votes cast

  • Hogg: 295 (41%)
  • McGrath Di Paola: 330 (46%)

The Appeal

The Newmarket-Aurora riding association Board launched an appeal because they believed there was clear and substantial evidence indicating the campaign team for Charity McGrath Di Paola blatantly breached party rules in their membership drive. Resultant, fraudulent members were knowingly allowed to vote, and influence the outcome of the nomination meeting.

In response to this appeal, and similar appeals in a number of other ridings, on June 3 President Rick Dykstra stated; “The Leader has exercised his legal responsibility and authority under the Election Finances Act by declaring that he will be signing the nomination papers of all 64 candidates who have been selected to date … Any further process or reconsideration in these 64 ridings is accordingly rendered moot

Some Final Thoughts

I am disappointed that both Charity and the Party would not want to remove any suggestion of impropriety with a thorough investigation rather than risk alienating conservative voters in the 2018 election.

I believe all conservatives should be concerned that the Party did not vigorously pursue any allegations of ballot stuffing, forged signatures and fraudulent memberships in our nomination races.

These actions do not reflect the conservative values I embrace.

If we expect Ontarians to trust us to lead the province, we must first be trusted by our own members to lead our party.

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